Is Handmade Bar Soap Really More Effective Than Body Wash?

September 4, 2021

A debate has raged for years between those who swear by handmade soap and those who claim by liquid body wash. Many people like to compare handmade soaps with body washes. They say that the former cleans better than the latter. Is that true? Does handmade soap really clean better than body wash? This article will answer those questions.

Each type of soap has its own unique benefits for different skin types and conditions. There is no "best" or "superior" type of soap. Instead, what you need to do is choose the type of soap that works best for your skin. Both handmade soap and body washes contain the same ingredients, but they are made in different ways. Handmade soaps are made by hand mixing natural oils with fats and other ingredients. Body washes, on the other hand, are usually made by using a mechanical process of mixing to ensure it is even. 

Body washes often use an emulsifying agent (like lecithin) to mix water with oil and then add the necessary cleaning ingredients. One thing both types of soaps have in common is they both contain cleansing agents. What makes one type of soap more effective than the other is how these ingredients are combined and their proportions. Not so much what form they are in. 


Many people take the side of handmade soap because it cleans better than liquid body wash. That's not true. Both handmade soap and body wash clean equally well. The difference is how they are used. If you use too much body wash or one with harsh ingredients, you will end up stripping your skin of its natural oils. This will dry your skin out, making it vulnerable to infection. The same goes for handmade soaps.

Using too many cleaning agents, especially high amounts of harsh chemicals, leads to other problems like eczema, psoriasis, or a rash. So, the goal is to pick the right handmade soap or liquid body wash with natural ingredients and use it just the right amount when lathering up. 

So, What Is The Best Way To Lather Up With Soap?

There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the idea that handmade soap is superior to body wash. The preference people have for handmade soap is simply because it is "natural," and therefore, it must be better for their skin, right? Well, there are many "naturals" used in liquid body wash as well; you just need to find the right brands or shops that carry options with as few harsh and harmful chemicals as possible.

What is true is that certain natural oils are much better than others for cleansing your skin. Coconut oil is one of those oils. It is a great option you can use on your skin. Other natural oils, like sweet almond oil, olive oil, and castor oil, are also excellent for cleansing. Take a read at these healthy lathering tips regardless of which type of soap you are using. 

Exfoliating your Skin

Getting rid of dead skin cells is an essential step in keeping your skin healthy. However, you should not overdo it. Doing so will strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it vulnerable to infection. Instead, exfoliate a little at a time over a period of several weeks until you reach a point where your skin is left smooth can clear without being dry. Then, stop. Don't go back to "over-exfoliating" your skin. That's where most people fall into a trap and continue to damage their skin. Just be sure not to use anything too harsh. A good option is a homemade soap bar with natural exfoliates like finely ground walnut shells of coffee beans. 

Keeping Your Skin Hydrated

A healthy adult skin should have a water content of 70% to 75%. Water makes up about 60% of our body weight. When we lose water from our cells, it tends to leave our skin dehydrated, which causes it to appear dull and lifeless. The outer layer of our skin (the epidermis) is made up of dead cells that are continually shed and replaced. When our epidermis loses its natural moisture, it becomes more prone to cracks and flakes that show up as dry skin. When this happens, our skin is much more vulnerable to bacteria and other microbes that can cause acne or other types of infections.

Instead of using harsh chemicals that strip your skin of its natural oils, it is best to use gentle natural ingredients that replenish moisture and leave your skin soft and supple. Many handmade natural soaps and small-batch body washes contain these essentials oils. This, in turn, will allow you to have a daily skincare routine that does not strip your skin of moisture but keeps it hydrated and rejuvenated. 

For an extra bit of hydration, many dermatologists also highly recommend applying essential oils or water-based lotions to your skin after your shower. This further locks in moisture and gives your skin a healthy extra "boost" of hydration. 

Getting The Dirt Off

Bar Soap Is Just As Effective As A Body Wash when it comes to removing the daily build-up of grime, dirt, and bacteria on your skin/ Many people are surprised to learn that dirt and grime can be removed from their bodies with plain old bar soap. This is especially true if you have oily or combination skin. Oily or combination skin is just skin that is naturally inclined to produce extra sebum, an oily secretion that lubricates and protects the surface of our skin.

However, sebum does attract dirt and other contaminants that can clog up pores and lead to breakouts. Therefore, it is important to remove this dirt and debris from your body as it will stop your skin from having a healthy glow and will increase the appearance of blemishes and acne. Handmade bar soap or small-batch artisanal body washes are perfect for removing dirt and debris because they are made up of tiny particles that easily penetrate into the small openings in your skin and pull dirt and other impurities out of your pores.

Dirt and oil build up on our skin over time and can cause acne, blackheads, and other types of blemishes. Dirt can also be a source of bacteria which can cause infections. There are many different kinds of dirt and oils that collect on our skin. Some of this dirt and oil comes from the environment, like pollution and cigarette smoke. Other dirt and oil are produced by our own body like dead skin cells that have sloughed off our skin.

Besides being unsightly, this dirt and oil can also be very itchy and irritating to the skin. To get rid of the dirt and oil that has built up on your skin, you need to use a product with ingredients that are specifically designed to cleanse your skin. Ingredients such as glycerin, aloe vera, and witch hazel help soften the dirt and oil so that it can be easily washed away.

Essential oils are also an excellent ingredient in a skin cleansing product because they have a very pleasant scent that is not overpowering but rather very subtle. They also have a very high skin penetration power which means they go straight to the source of the dirt and oil and remove it. 

choosing between handmade bar soap and artisanal body wash depends on what your goal for skin care is.

What You Should Not Use

Perhaps the only thing that you may need to stay away from in terms of body cleansers is "foam soaps.” Foam soaps are those that come out as foam when you hit the pump. These types of soaps generally do not clean your skin well as it does not lather your skin and breakdown the germs, grime, and dirt that has built-up. While many do smell good, that is their main appeal. In terms of actually cleaning your skin, it is not as effective as handmade bar soap or artisan body washes. 

What Do Dermatologists Say?

Lastly, what dermatologists say is important. They have seen it all. They know what works and what does not. They have a very discerning eye for what is healthy and what is not. In fact, when it comes to body cleansers, dermatologists have some of the most stringent requirements in the entire world. Dermatologists will recommend that you use a body cleanser with mild and gentle ingredients mixed with essentials oils. This makes for a good balance in cleansing and skin health that promotes its natural ability to stay supple and healthy.  

Using harsh chemicals on your body is like putting gasoline on a fire. The harsh chemicals strip away your natural oils and cause premature aging. When it comes to body cleansers, the most important consideration is what ingredients are in them. After all, your skin is the largest detoxification organ in your body. It works hard to rid your body of toxins. If your body cleanser has too many harsh chemicals in it, your skin has to work much harder to flush these toxins out of your body. On the other hand, if your body cleanser has the right natural ingredients, your skin has to work much less hard to do its job.

What To Watch For If You Have Skin Conditions

Skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne, or psoriasis. When shopping for a body cleanser, a dermatologist can tell you what to look for. Even in low concentrations, alcohol, coal tar, retinoids, alpha, and beta hydroxy acids, and other harsh chemicals are ingredients to stay away from. 

If you have dry or sensitive skin, some cleansers can cause more irritation. You may need to experiment with different body washes and bar soaps to see which one works best for you. Just make sure to choose mild options and read through the ingredients list well before trying it out on your skin. 

How To Maintain Your Skin’s Natural Balance

The first step in keeping your skin healthy is to cleanse it on a regular basis. However, you should not use harsh chemicals like most store-bought products. These products strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and flaky. This causes your skin to become vulnerable to bacteria and other forms of dirt and germs that can lead to acne, eczema, and other types of skin irritations. The best way to cleanse your skin is with a mild, artisanal body cleanser, such as those you can find in Blue Bison Soapery! 

Blue Bison Soaps are made with all-natural ingredients and the best essential oils made to ensure your skin is getting the moisture and cleansing it needs to stay healthy and fresh. Each soap has its own unique recipe made specifically to help keep your skin's natural balance of nutrients, oils, and moisture. 

When you use Blue Bison Soap, your skin will be left feeling soft, supple, and clean without any drying effects caused by harsh chemicals. It also helps prevent breakouts because the cleansing agents in the soap are milder than most store-bought products.  It also helps prevent breakouts because the cleansing agents in the soap are milder than most store-bought products. 

The Final Verdict

It’s easy to get lost in all the information floating around on whether or not to use bar soaps or body washes. The main thing to keep in mind is not the form your body cleanser is in but rather the ingredients it contains. As stated above, many over-the-counter body cleansers contain harsh chemicals that irritate the skin, causing it to itch, flake, and redden. But, by choosing the right products, you can easily prevent this. 

The key is to choose a bar soap or body wash with minimal harsh or synthetic ingredients.

It’s easy to get lost in all the information floating around on whether or not to use bar soaps or body washes. The main thing to keep in mind is not the form your body cleanser is in but rather the ingredients it contains. As stated above, many over-the-counter body cleansers contain harsh chemicals that irritate the skin, causing it to itch, flake, and redden. But, by choosing the right products, you can easily prevent this. 

Picking out the right body cleanser is really up to you. Just make sure it contains the right mix of natural ingredients that can aid your skin’s natural ability to produce and lock in moisture. If you need an extra boost of hydration, you can also use gentle essential oils and lotions after your bath or shower to ensure your skin stays supple and rejuvenated throughout the day.

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