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How Is Plant-based Soap Different From Handmade Natural Soap?
There is a lot of buzz going around that plant-based, and handmade soaps are better suited for skincare routines. They provide the best mix of…
Stephanie Arguelles
Is Handmade Bar Soap Really More Effective Than Body Wash?
A debate has raged for years between those who swear by handmade soap and those who claim by liquid body wash. Many people like to…
Stephanie Arguelles
Should I Be Using A Moisturizing Soap Bar Every Day?
Find out how using an all natural moisturizing soap daily will help you achieve beautiful glowing skin!
Stephanie Arguelles
Breaking Down Best Soap Recipes For Skin With Eczema
People with sensitive skin are constantly on the lookout for the best products to use on their skin. Many of these people suffer from Eczema,…
Stephanie Arguelles
9 Reasons Why Your Soap Is Causing Dry Skin
Here are some common reasons why your preferred soap bar may be causing dry skin.
Stephanie Arguelles
Why Is Handmade Soap Better Compared To Commercial Soaps?
Opting for handmade soaps gives your skin more nourishment than conventional store-bought options.
Stephanie Arguelles
How To Choose Moisturizing Soap Based On Skin Type
Knowing you skin type will help you choose the right handmade soap options for your daily skin care.
Stephanie Arguelles
Can Hand Sanitizer Replace Hand Washing With Bar Soap?
Soap or Hand Sanitizer? Both? Or is one enough? How do I use it correctly? Those are probably questions that you have asked yourself a…
Claudia Sammer
Why do I itch like crazy after a shower?
Take shorter, cooler showers: Taking short, cool showers is the first (and easiest!) thing Dr. Axe says "you can try to ease the post-shower. Think…
Stephanie Arguelles
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