Why I Don't Use Palm Oils?

The short answer is: We care about the earth!

Let us explain a bit more here. Palm Oil is an edible vegetable oil that comes from the fruit of the Palm Oil tree. Palm Oil trees are native to Africa but have been brought to South-East Asia over a 100 years, now making up over 85% of the global supply.

Palm oil is in high demand and widely used for its properties (in soap it helps for a harder, more lathery bar). And because it is cheap. To meet this surge in demand, producers have begun huge efforts to deforest rainforests and plant new crops of African Oil Palm. In wide areas these deforestation efforts have been devastating: species like the Orangutan, Pygmy Elephant and Sumatran Rhino have been driven dangerously close to extinction, the heavy machinery used in the production and the destruction means more and more greenhouse gasses enter the atmosphere, local communities and indigenous populations are being pushed aside, and there also remains some exploitation of workers and child labor.

This is all pretty heavy. Thankfully there is a very strong movement against the destructive practices of palm oil production. Different campaigns and groups like the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, founded in 2004) are fighting for a more sustainable practices in order to meet the demand of Palm Oil. Even companies like WholeFoods have pledged to carry only products that are sourced from sustainably harvested Palm Oil.

That being said, ones would be left with the impression that a good bar of soap can't be made without Palm Oil. But in fact, we at Blue Bison Soapery know that great soap can be made without Palm Oil. We didn't have to reinvent the wheel - it has been made like this for thousands of years! Yes, it means that we pay considerably more for great quality vegetable oils and butters than we would pay for palm oil. And still, we want to make a difference. We care about the Earth!

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