Why I Started Making Soaps?

For a long time I did deal with outbreaks and eczema that was mainly triggered by my work as a nurse. As much as I loved my job, in-between I had to change jobs to reduce the outbreaks and get some relief. Of course, living in this modern world, I had access to a lot of great quality products. But to what cost? And after how many trials and errors? And even then, most of the ingredients in these products, no one can spell or read without a dictionary. So many products, even at the health food store, were so overpowering in scents - and I'm also talking about the ones scented with Essential Oils - that I run out of options pretty quick.

4 years ago my daughter started with eczema outbreaks and that was the turning point for me to look into options how I can make my own soaps and body products. Products where I can control and choose the ingredients. Simple, natural, good smelling and good looking. Since then, there is no way of going back. If you talk to other soap makers, they'll all tell you the same: once that soap-making fever got you, you can't stop.

For me, like for others, the process of making soaps is more than just business. It is simply art. It is relaxation, satisfaction, creating something with our hands that is so simple for an every day product yet so beneficial for the body and skin. For you skin and for mine!

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